Coffee Bean Candle Filler – Tuesday Quick Tips

Today’s Tuesday Tip…

Fill a bowl, vase, or any container you have on hand, with coffee beans and add an unscented candle. The heat from the flame will warm the beans and make your home smell delicious. You can do this with any number of things, really. Try a cinnamon stick and some of your favorite spices, or maybe a few dried orange peels. Let us know what your favorite scent is, while you are at it!

I used my favorite milk glass container and a few wedding supplies that I had stored in the garage. The coffee was actually an old, stale bag from Starbucks that had gotten lost in the back of my cupboard. Easy, and I received a few compliments at my Girls Night In get-together. The candles are from Ikea and are super cheap and last quite a few hours.

RD Home – Bathroom Vanity Before and After

Well, not really “After”. This is more of a Before & During photo set. :)

I eventually would like to replace the tile, get a medicine cabinet that is sunken in to the wall, re-caulk the sink where it touches the counter and touch up the paint. I really do think it is a HUGE difference! Every time I walk into the bathroom now, I smile. What do you think?

The Realistically Domestic Home

Back in April, we purchased our new old home and worked our butts off for two months to be able to move in. We were living in an apartment and definitely DIDN’T want to renew our lease again. We hated where we were. It wasn’t “us”and trying to keep a small baby asleep while your upstairs neighbors slam doors and stomp on the floor is near impossible. We searched for a couple of months and found the one that really felt like we could make it our own. In the price range we were looking in, we knew we’d have to do some work, but really wanted to focus more on the location than anything else.

Now, when I say we worked our butts off, I am not exaggerating. The house was gross. I’m not going to sugar coat it. It was nasty. There were cigarette stains and film covering every square inch of the ceiling and walls, there were weird stains in the carpet, there were odd drawings on the walls of Tim Burton characters…. trust me. It was bad. They were definitely smokers, that is for sure. There were even cigarette butts behind the UPPER cabinets in the kitchen. You’d have to actually try to put them in a place like that. Yuck! And the icing on the cake, you ask? They had a pig living in the house. A pig. A big, fat, dirty, pig. I called this house the “Pig House” for quite some time.

Today, I am sharing the before pictures with you. Please know that I would NEVER bring a child into a house that isn’t clean or safe. We did more that you could imagine before we moved in. We even had the entire heating/cooling system sanitized. I was pretty concerned.

Now, when you look at these photos, you have to think with “potential” in mind. Imagine what could be done and what some of the high points are. It is in a GREAT neighborhood, in a community that really puts a lot of effort into their residents, there are festivals and fairs all of the time, the schools are amazing, the yard is beautiful and private, our family and friends are pretty close, we are very close to the “country”. There are horse farms at the end of our road, cider mills a short drive away, a private drive with a lot of old trees. I could list things for days. I love our home.

Here are a few snippets of what the house looked like back in April…

This is the side view from our long driveway.

Front View

Part of the back yard.

Dining room view from the kitchen area.

Living room, facing dining room and front door. This was after we had already taken out the carpet.

The bathroom sink. This has been one of my favorite renovations. I will show it off soon.

Master bedroom, closet and window. The carpet had already been removed. Yes, that is a heart in the wood grain of the closet door. :)

The kitchen. We had already removed a few of the cabinets and appliances. No one had cleaned that oven and there was about an inch of grease in the bottom. Sick.

The stairs leading up to the second level. We had removed the carpet. That door on the right is the office/spare room/storage room.

Bennett’s room! It looks tiny, but worked out perfectly.

I will post some of the mid way pictures soon. We are nowhere near finished, so they won’t be “after” pictures for a long time. I am excited to share projects as we go, tutorials, ideas, and lots of pictures!

Did you buy an old house that needed work? Or did you buy move in ready?