31 Days – Happy Sweetest Day!

So, last night as a little surprise, I made the husband muffins for a to-go breakfast to start his super early morning. It just so happens that today is also Sweetest Day! Now, we don’t really do the whole romantic holiday thing. We celebrate birthdays big, we always do something nice for our anniversary each year, and we go out for random date nights on a regular basis. We don’t really see the need in another day to celebrate or spend a crazy amount on gifts just to “show our love”. So, for him, muffins it was.

I was not expecting a single thing today, since we always talk about doing absolutely nothing. But, to my surprise, Nick came home with a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks in hand. He drive quite a way out of his way home just to get me something small and special.

6 years ago, Nick proposed a few days before Sweetest Day. The whole proposal is worth a post in itself, so I will save the details. Since that amazing day, we have kept it low key and I am really glad we do. I love having a relationship that is just my style. We are super relaxed and laid back people. We don’t fuss about much, or go crazy with details. We don’t feel like we have something to prove to other people and we don’t feel like we have to show off or make a big deal out of crazy gifts or anything like that. We picked to live in a way that isn’t about excess. We have a small house, we eat simple meals, we get one vacation a year (usually camping up north), we don’t go on shopping sprees or spend lots of money. Not to say that there is anything wrong with that! If we actually had a crazy amount of money to spend, I know of quite a few things that we would spend it on. We just decided to make the little things matter. Like that pumpkin spice latte. It was a little thing, but it meant so much. Some people may think nothing of it, but today he swept me off my feet.

Mix that with a snuggly night on the couch, some almost first steps for a little man, and endless laughter and you have the absolutely perfect Sweetest Day. :)