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How to Slow Down: 5 Relaxing Tips to fight stress

You know that too much stress is bad for you, but do you know how to slow down? Somehow slowing down seems to scare of people. What about you?

  • Are you always in some sort of hurry?
  • Are you stressing out to meet your deadline(s)?

Do you think that a “running the marathon” life style will make you more productive and help you accomplish things better? I know I used to think like that! And it was a waste of time!


Living in a fast way does NOT help you achieve what you really want! If your pace of life looks like a car on the racing circuit, perhaps it’s a good idea to slow down!

Slowing down improves the quality of your life and makes you more productive. People who maintain a relaxed life style are healthier and happier than those who are always rushing around. If you can’t slow down your mind you might be missing out on what really matters in life.

There are plenty of reasons to start living slower! The only problem is that a lot of people have no clue on how to slow down, but it doesn’t need to be so difficult. I picked my top 5 personal tips to help you relax better. They work for me and I’m sure you will benefit from them too!

Slow down tip 1: Walk slower

You should have seen me 20 years ago. I was running through life like a total idiot! Even in my spare time I always walked fast, looking like a person that was in a hurry to catch the last train home. I felt stressed out most of the time, but I thought that was normal and helping me to perform better.

Even after I ruptured the ligaments in my right knee I still tried to walk as fast as I could. Leading to tons of frustration, because I couldn’t “run”. When my knee was healed I continued my crazy life style. And this went on for many years in a row.


Until a new dog came into my life. Boomer was his name. He was the best dog I ever had!

He was also a big challenge for me, because Boomer was NEVER in a hurry. Boomer always walked terribly slow. He took his time for everything! In the beginning this was driving me nuts, but I had no choice but to adjust my walking pace for him. After a while I even started to enjoy it. Not only did I enjoy my time with Boomer, I also felt better in general.

For the first time in my adult life I felt more relaxed and less tired! I discovered that this new way of walking helped me think clearer! I became more productive too!

I’m so grateful Boomer came into my life. He was my Angel and taught me how to slow down!

Nowadays I am disabled and use a walker. I have no other choice than to walk slow. I don’t advice you to walk as slow as I do, but I recommend you to start walking slower. There is really no need to run!

Slow down! Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. (John de Paola)

This is what happens when you slow down your way of walking:

  • You will enjoy every step you take
  • Because of that you will feel happier and more relaxed
  • Happiness and relaxation lead to an empty mind which results in being more productive
  • You will have more energy and feel less pressure on your shoulders

Slow down tip 2: What if…. so what!

One of the reasons I felt stressed out was the fact that I worried all the time. I was working as a producer for live television in the Netherlands and the pressure was extremely high. I took my job very serious and wanted to deliver quality.

Thoughts like: “What if I can’t make it in time“, “what if I lose my job if I’m not good enough“, etc. were going through my mind a lot. Failing was not an option, I had to be “Mrs. Perfect” 24/7. No need to say that my performances were not as perfect as I wanted them to be…


I persevered until I was burned out and went to see a counselor. This was a life changing experience! He taught me to set limits and say ‘No’. How scary! I was terrified…

The counselor asked me: “What is the worst thing that can happen?” after I bombarded him again with my famous: ‘what if…’ questions… I told him I could lose my job!

So he continued asking what the worst thing that could happen thing was if I indeed lost my job… I fell into deep silence…. I couldn’t answer his question. Would it mean the end of the world? No! Would I stay jobless forever? Most probably not!

Your how to slow down strategy:

Become aware of your “what if…” thoughts, write them down. For example: “What if I get fat again“, “what if my partner doesn’t love me anymore“, “what if my boss fires me“, etc.

Now write down what could possibly happen if you for example get fat again or if you get fired… and so on… what if you’re jobless… what if you’ll never find a job again…


Make a fist. Speak out loud what your worst nightmare is and say “So what!Shout it out loud! And when you’re finished let it go! You’ll soon discover that the world doesn’t end if your “what if” nightmare would become a reality. Believe in yourself that you can handle whatever situation!

Slow Down Recipe!

Did you know that vitamin C is a great stress fighter? Scientists agree about it: An experiment at the Alabama University in the United States proves this: the researchers tested it on rats.

The rats were given 200 Mg vitamin C 2 times a day and ques what: the secretion of the so called ‘Stress Hormones’ almost stopped! They became ‘Zen Rats’ (joking!)


  • 1000 Mg of Vitamin C
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Juices


Humans need more Vitamin C than rats do. You need at least 1000 Milligrams of it per person per day. Best way to fulfill your “C-needs” is through food.

Fruits and vegetables contain high doses of it. You can drink Orange Juice or other fruity juices, take at least 3 large glasses per day.

  • If you don’t like fruits or veggies you can take a Vitamin C tablet instead.
  • If you’re a smoker you need 4000 Mg of Vitamin C a day!

Slow down tip 3: Practize Laughing Meditation

Many years ago I was introduced to a new phenomena called “Laughing Meditation” and I have practiced it ever since. I was at a seminar where there were many workshops and the Laughing Meditation was one of them. I have always been curious to find out about new things so I attended.


At the beginning I was a bit shy, and didn’t know what to expect. The teacher was such a great person, that my uncertainty soon melted away and was replaced by enthusiasm!

How Laughing Meditation works

You can practice this meditation in the comfort of your own home. Do it in the morning after waking up for a cheerful start of your day.

Settle down, either on the floor, in a chair or on a pillow, whatever feels good is okay. Now start giggling a little bit. Do it, even when you don’t feel like it at all! Giggle and swing your body along with the giggles. Close your eyes and boost your giggles to laughter, start laughing from your belly and spread the laughter throughout your entire body.

Visualize the laughing vibes flowing through your body. Your whole body is laughing! Go laugh louder and shout out all that is bothering you. Like this: “I had an argument with my boss yesterday”, end with a huge laughing serenade.

Do this with all misery that is going on in your life. Laugh from the belly, clap your hands, jump, dance, be like a child again! Do this for 20 minutes in a row. Exchange loud laughter’s with less noisy ones and vice versa.

End the laughing meditation with 5-10 deep breathes and feel the instant peace and stress relief! Enjoy the moment. You’re ready to continue every days business!

Slow down tip 4: Smile at the world

Smiling is different from loud laughter’s, but the result is the same. Laughter is loud and expressive, smiling is more peaceful, you focus full attention.

Set it as your daily intention to smile a lot, everyday, smile at people you know, at strangers, at a child, a beautiful tree, the food you prepare, your family… There is an abundance of things and people to smile at. Do this even when you feel bad. Force a smile and with a little practice it will become your natural state of being.


Smiling slows you down, it relaxes your mind and body, which relieves stress big time. I love smiling, no matter how I feel. It always lifts me up. I simply smile without expectations, most of the times people smile back at me.

Slow down tip 5: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A great way to learn how to slow down is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT works like Acupuncture but without needles. Instead of needles you use your fingers. You tap the acupuncture meridians and repeat affirmations, positive short statements. While tapping you release stress and negative emotions that block you from being happy, relaxed, balanced, etc.


EFT is easy and painless, it only takes a few minutes of your time and brings great results. I’ve been tapping for many years and it helped me tremendously!

You don’t need expensive therapy sessions, you don’t need a therapist to learn EFT. Once you know the technique it is as easy as 1,2,3!

The books and DVD below teach you the technique of EFT. They are all great resources I highly recommend. Buying one or more of them are the only expenses ever you have to make. After that it’s all free. And the products below are really cheap, so don’t worry!

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